Saturday, 7 February 2009

Of slush and snowmen

In Hyde Park last Tuesday the snow lay 8cm deep and perched precariously on the black bronze statues. There were snowmen everywhere, signs of magical way that snow brings out the inner child. Sadly, work pressures prevented me from running during the week, so my training slipped back a bit.

However, I managed to get out for a short River Loop today - this is a lovely run that starts out following the river high on the grassy fells and loops round to finish through the woods alongside it. It's a lovely run, full of interest; stiles, walls, gates, bridges, fields, road, wooded footpath, cascades... it packs a lot in in its 3-if-your-lucky miles. I took some pictures and once I've discovered how to get them from phone to computer I'll try and post them. It was cold, and bright and the hills were still streaked with snow, as if giant pigeons had been a bit liberal with their poo. A bit like some of London's other statues if you get my rather tortuous drift. The wind was freezing, as it has been all week, but it was still a smashing little run. It was nice to be home.
Smile rating 8/10

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  1. i know where i'd rather be..lakes or london...bit like daddy or chips!