Friday, 26 March 2010

A bonkers chaffinch

Sitting at the breakfast table today, we kept hearing this thumping sound against the window. Went to have a look. Couldn't see anything.  Sat back down again. Thump!
Looking out more circumspectly we saw this male chaffinch staring into the house from the back of one of the patio chairs. After a few minutes bobbing about he'd launch himself at the window and...Thump!  All a-flutter he'd fly back to the chair only to repeat the process a little later. With the same result. We reckon he could see his own reflection in the window and, it being the time of year when territory becomes important, he was trying to see off this persistent intruder.
Despite being mad (doesn't one definition of madness run along the lines of repeating the same action in the expectation of a different outcome?) he is very prettily marked.
I'm wondering if we should stick a photo of a cat on the window so he doesn't brain himself!

Not a running post I know. But I have been out walking a lot.

Friday, 12 March 2010

Damn! Blast! B**ger!

Not a happy post. 
Remember my swine flu / chest infection from Christmas? It turns out that the coughing that it caused resulted in not only a torn rib muscle but, whisper it, a hernia.  I've got to have an operation. I can't go running. I can't organise my garden (I've got lots of earth moving to do) and I can't shift rocks around to build terraces at the fern collection I help care for in Windermere. 

This bunny's not happy.

Mind you, I did pop out for a little River Loop before I went to the doctors. It was beautiful. Cool air, warm sun, a few hardy lambs. The memory of it will succour me until I can get out again, though Lord knows when that will be. I'm relying on you all to get out, train hard and achieve your goals. I'm with you in spirit. Good luck.

Tuesday, 2 March 2010


Did my new quick loop yesterday. In just over a week, I've run it in snow and ice, soggy slush and, yesterday, springy grass in warm sunshine. As an added bonus there were, hoorayy!!, fresh lambs. Some were so little that they stood, a little wobbly, and looked at me - they might not have seen too many bipedal creatures yet.  Needless to say, my transit through the lamb field was a little slower than through the others....
What a lovely run.  I managed to catch up with Mrs Hayfella on the final hill home; she was out doing her own training session, so we glided home together.
Smiley rating  8.5/10