Monday, 21 December 2009


I've been a bit lax in my blogging, so here's an update: Did a fierce gym session last weekend, then travelled to Cheshire for work. Whilst staying at the Travelodge (I live it up) I did a smashing 3.5 miler that was so familiar I could have done it with my eyes shut. As it was I did it in the dark, cocooned in my bubble of headtorch light. The route was one I've done well over a hundred times before. For about five years it was our default lunchtime run from work. We callled it 'The Lollipop' because it starts with a lovely flat, straight lane for 0.8 mile (the Stick) followed by an undulating loop of about 2 miles which has hills steep enough to curse but short enough to be grateful and then back along the stick. The challenge was (for me) to do it in less than 30mins. My PB (and we're talking 5 years ago here) is 27.27. So I was pretty chuffed to do it in 29.14 with 5 years more creakiness in the limbs.
Smileyrating: 8/10

Remember those kids stories about cute tractors? Here's the model:

I love the wonky headlamp eyes! This is just at the start of our lovely River Loop, which Mags and I walked yesterday.  It's amazing how a layer of snow transforms somewhere familiar into somewhere magical.
Here are a few more images from the walk...

Looking back. The river runs along the line of
dark trees on the left.   

Looking ahead.The route follows the line of
trees going off top left

The river, with snow covered rocks.
There were sheets of ice where the water was more tranquil

I travelled with ultracollie last week on a train full of coughing people. Alas, I am now going down with something horrid. Swollen eyes, aching joints, shivers, sore throat deep into the chest. So I shan't be running for a while. May I wish all my readers a very Happy Christmas and that all your plans come to fruition in the New Year.


  1. OMG! I am so sorry hf. i really am. hope you're better for xmas. i knew that day was a waste and now this!

  2. It's not likely to be you uc. I blame all those coughers on the train. Have you heard owt about it?

  3. Wonderful little pictures and yes, I agree with you about a little snow transforming the landscape into something quite magical.
    Thanks for your kind comments about our Benidorm run. It wasn't one of our best but nevertheless very enjoyable with the 'Running Crazy' gang.
    Have a wonderful Christmas, and all the best for 2010.

  4. I love all these snowy blogs! Have you read 'just us and a few friends'? It has to be one of my favourites. I think that you would love it.

  5. that tractor looks like a character from thomas the tank engine, ace! hope the germs don't stay too long. have a good christmas :)

  6. Loving the picture tour Hayfella. Hope you have a splendid Xmas and wishing you lots of seasonal running fun post sniffles. Eat up those sprouts & get healthy, RB.

  7. hf - i thought i was all those coughers! hope you're on the mend