Thursday, 20 January 2011

A duty run

Popped out yesterday lunchtime for an easy 3 miler. Beautiful day; cold, bright, sunny. Underfoot it was soft but not too marshy, with only one stream to run through. Everything was set for a gorgeous run. So why was it such a struggle? I felt leaden-legged right from the off. Every uphill was a grind. Every downhill was a creaky plod. No flow. No looseness. Nothing doing.
 I'm old and wise enough not to worry about the occasional run being like this, but it's been a while since I felt so yeeuch while out. It felt a shame to waste such a lovely day. Ah well. Things can only improve.
Smileyrating  4/10


  1. Join the club HF. With all the good weather I've been out three times this week and twice came home totally drained. Maybe it's the low temperatures congealing our muscles. Maybe we're not warming up or dressing properly. Or, in my case, maybe I've just run too many miles. Hopefully, as you say, things can only improve (especially when we jet off to warmer climes at the end of the month!).

  2. maybe like me sometimes you need longer to get going and loosen up. make it 6 and maybe you'd have come back feeling great. or even worse ;)

  3. Funny that, me too. Must be Thursdays.. or maybe just something in the air. I had a shocker and for no apparent reason. Keep the faith Hayfella!

  4. Hi RF: Warm-weather training - now that's a good idea! enjoy

    UC: I bet you're right. I might try that this lunchtime (Mon 24th)

    RB: Dunno about it being in the air - for me it might have been alcohol in the bloodstream!