Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Bimbling along

Went round my local River Loop yesterday lunchtime. Nothing special in performance terms. Not an interval session. Not a hill session. No fartlek. I just went out and ran. The weather was lovely - warm sun and cool breeze. Sheep and (large) lambs to say hallo to. Gorgeous ferns in the woodland alongside the river. The perfect antidote to being hunched over a keyboard all morning.
Smileyrating 7.8/10 (I'm getting very discriminating!)


  1. just running is lovely (btw i was so stiff/tense after a day over my keyboard..know the feeling)

  2. For a bit there I was thinkin' piano! Your talents are never ending :D

    Just the kind of summer I like; just enjoying the breeze and chatting to the sheep. Baa

  3. Did a similar session to yours yesterday in gorgeous weather, just a steady 5 miles, enjoying the countryside, letting my mind flutter about over the wonderful surroundings, revelling in the feeling of warm sun on my body.
    But we'll never run like Runningbear at this rate!