Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Not a vintage summer

Here we are at the end of one of the peak running months of the year and what have I done? Developed a dodgy calf that is slowly responding to therapy. Developed a touch of patellar tendinitis in the other leg which I hope will respond to therapy. Done a few lowly runs, done a few bike rides, done quite a bit of time in the gym.  All in all, not a vintage summer.
That's the downside. The upside is that, from 1st September, I shall be retired! After a 22-year career as an advertising copywriter I won't have to get up in the morning wondering about earning my living. It's very exciting and very weird. But it'll give me more time to spend with Mrs HF and more time to do lots of other things, including, I hope more running.
Hopefully, a vintage autumn awaits!


  1. exciting times. rest and recuperate on work time ;)
    hope to see some more painting as well then.

  2. Retiring in September eh? Be sure to get all your niggling little injuries sorted out ready to enjoy what could rank among the best years of your life. You'll be a full time athlete then, like me! Enjoy!

  3. Ah, that's got to be a great feeling. Congratulations, Hayfella!

  4. cant say i blame you. just make sure you pass on the escape blueprint please

  5. Sorry to hear of your continued calf misbehaviour ...but how exciting that you are retired! How amazing is that - all that time for running and fern stuff. Any adventures planned..? RB