Tuesday, 4 October 2011

That's more like it...

Peer out of window. Grey dominates. Wind swishing the trees about. Sheep snug fast up to the stone wall. Thirteen degrees. Not actually raining, but showerproof top put on just in case. At last, proper running weather.
Next up - careful stretches, warm-up leg swings and cautious arm twirls.
And then a nice, easy 40 minutes. Up the lane, along Potter Fell road, down to the river and back along the lane. It was the longest I've been out for ages and ages and it was fantastic to be back doing a 'proper' run; one where you have to work at it to get up the hills and where it feels just great to be easing along the flat bits.
It's been a while since I've done this route and I noticed the little changes; how well Paul's extension is coming along (he has a fantastic house which looks out over a distant Coniston Old Man), that there seem to be a few less chickens scratting about in the field just as you turn down by the wall where a squirrel ran alongside me on a previous outing. Where the stone wall looks a bit more precarious since the rains. The tree crashed to the ground by the tail end of the hurricane.
Back home, more careful stretches just as Roxy - my brilliant sports physio - has prescribed.  All in all, marvellous. No twinges, no creaks. Lots of puffing, but so what. I'm back running again.

Smileyrating 10/10


  1. couldn't agree more, running in the blistering heat is no fun....please remind me of that in a few months time! really enjoyed your and mrsH's pictures, keep posting them please :)

  2. Sounds a pretty perfect sort of run, well done you :)

  3. humbug (weather wise)
    great news (running wise)

  4. Good to read you're back running in the elements! And what a rock and roll sounding physio! I'm sat here imagining deep tissue massage on that dastardly calf to the sounds of Suzi Quatro :}

    Love the fresh and bright new blog look.. perhaps more blog fiddlings to come in this new life? Sounds like 'retirement' suits you. Love pics in September too... RB