Sunday, 1 January 2012

Crikey! I might have a plan...

Happy New Year everyone!
And of course, being New Year, it's time for a New Plan. And, in my usual uncoordinated way, I appear to have stumbled upon mine. I'm going to try and keep going the momentum I've developed during the latter part of December by making January my Slow and Steady month; just gradually building up the mileage to increase stamina. Then, from February onwards, I'll introduce hills, reps and (weather -permitting) much more off-road stuff. All this is with the aim of enjoying those cool, sunny, Spring/ Summer days running around the gorgeous Lake District fells.

It's grey and raining out. Again. So the cool, sunny Spring/Summer days etc. seem a long way off!

Still, I got out this morning, in a lull beteween the rain, and did another 4.5 miles on the lanes - and it felt really good, especially when I sploshed happily through a flood that had spread right across the lane. The wet feet were worth it just for the look on the faces of the two walkers who were tiptoeing around the edge of it.
Smileyrating 8/10

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