Sunday, 19 February 2012

Running with a purpose

It's lovely just going for a run because, well, that's what you do, but it's also good to have a purpose, an aim. Whether that's to beat a time, to do some reps, or to do a set number of miles, having a target gives a run some focus. Which is why this morning, before breakfast, I set out with a key purpose in mind. Yep, I ran... to get the papers.
I did a slightly roundabout route along the back lanes in the bright morning sunshine. It was about 3 degrees, crisp and fresh. It felt great to be out. Not a car passed me. All I saw were sheep and a couple of dog walkers. Forty-odd minutes later I was back home, ready for a day's slumping in front of the cycling and FA cup on telly. Bliss.
Smileyrating 8.5/10

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