Monday, 7 May 2012


Lovely run yesterday morning. I went slow and steady for 77 minutes along the River Kent and back. It was a gorgeous morning with cool air and clear sunshine. The river was as still as I've ever seen it; so utterly smooth it was hard to imagine that it was flowing at all. There were herons standing like statues along the bank. A pochard duck paddled around near the weir. Oystercatchers peeped loudly overhead. It was fabulous.
The route took in a wood, managed by the Woodland Trust. At this time of year the woods look at their best. IMHO. The bluebells are out, as is the wild garlic and the celandines. The whole wood was a beautiful, vivid mix of blue, white, yellow and leaf green.
As you can tell, I enjoyed my trot out. It was capped by meeting, on the way back, a superb weimaraner called Lucy, who I've seen on many occasions being walked around the village. She was huge but bounded about like a giant puppy, full of the joys of spring.
Smileyrating 9/10

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