Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Oh Bu**er!

Well, it hasn't happened for a while.
I've only gone and picked up an injury. Blast it.
I was out doing my scheduled 4 miles up the lane to Garnett Bridge and back (if you're ever there, admire the gorgeous ferns lining the road in the dappled shade of the trees) when I felt a dull ache at the foot of my left calf muscle every time my foot hit the ground. The dull ache is now a more pointy one and it's throbbing as I type.
So I'm going to have my tea then take ibuprofen and watch telly with a pack of frozen peas clamped to the offending part.
Damn and double damn. I was going well too. Isn't it always the way.
Smiley rating: 8/10 for the running. -8/10 for the outcome


  1. Hi there,
    Sorry to hear about the injury. Hope the frozen peas and Ibuprofen do vthe trick. Yes, our entry forms are in the post for the Lowther Run though neither of us feel fit enough for a fell race. And I note from the entry list I've got competition in the MV70 category already. They should have an MV75 category to give me a chance!

  2. is that a recurring one hf? i seem to remember you with similar. hope it clears up pronto or i'll need a wheelbarrow for lowther.

  3. Oh no hayfella! So sorry to hear of your trouble with the pins. Great to have you back blogging again - you've been missed. Do you ever go for sports massage?

    Hope recovery is quick and your 'wee man tatties' are recovering well too.