Monday, 20 July 2009

Left leg update

Good news! My troublesome left leg seems to be sorting itself out. I've not had the most sophisticated of injury recovery programmes - relaxing with my feet up, gentle pottering around the garden and a gym session - but it seems to be doing the trick.
The problem of course is: when do I start running again? Dare I risk a gentle 3 mile pootle around the River Loop? Can I pick up with my midweek 8? Is it too soon?
My entirely unscientific approach is to give it a calendar week. If it doesn't hurt too much when I prod it vigorously, then I'm going for a gentle, grassy plod and see what happens. If it continues to hurt then I'll ease off for two weeks and do sessions of 'running' in the swimming pool, which is brilliant at maintainingleg strength, stretching the offending tissues and helping flexibility.
Fingers crossed.
Am now off to read about the phenomenal running my online chums are doing. And I shall feel envious.


  1. seems sensible to me but id say its any excuse for your beloved pool running ;) are you trying to get it recognised as an olympic sport!

  2. I was reading somewhere that this years revised Lowther route involves wading the river at some point. I reckon your pool running is a crafty way of training for it!

  3. Hi Hayfella, took this especially for you:

    Hope the legs are back in action.

  4. Thanks Hayfella - glad you liked the fern pic. Sorry the legs are letting you down - any light at the end of the running tunnel? RB