Thursday, 17 September 2009

Skye Larks in pictures

I've just discovered how to get piccies on my blog! So, at the risk of boring you all senseless, here are some holiday snaps...

The white speck is a beautiful house on the way between Elgol and Loch Coruisk in Skye. Bet they don't get pizzas delivered! They must have one of the best views in Britain; out to sea to the island of Soay.

Tthis is the boat from which it was taken. The 'Misty Isle'. She was built in 1966 in Mevagissey in Cornwall and spent a lot of her life ferrying passengers to and from Brownsea Island in Poole Harbour before the current owners bought her to Skye.

You've heard of salt-marsh lamb. This is salt-marsh beef! At Elgol, the cattle wandered the beach contentedly munching the seaweed (if you look really closely, you can see the stipe of a bit of Laminaria sticking out of this one's mouth). And if it all gets too salty, they just wander up the beach to where a stream flows into the harbour and drink their fill.

Enough for now. I'm just getting used to the technology.


  1. great pics hf..makes me want to head up there

  2. The only house I know between Elgol and Coruisk is the bothy at Camasunary. I once camped there and, hearing a noise outside the tent, I unzipped the fly sheet to be confronted by a huge bull gazing at me curiously from a couple of feet away. He wandered back to his ladies having satisfied his curiosity, no doubt with a wry smile on his face after scaring the s--t out of me!