Tuesday, 22 September 2009

To the pylon!...but not beyond

I was half expecting some work to come in today. But it didn't, which meant I could adopt Plan B for the day. So, after a couple of hours serious gardening (i.e. digging out firmly entrenched giant grasses, manipulating boulders and shifting flagstones. More building than gardening really.) in the beautiful sunshine and cool gale that we had this morning, I just had time for an hour's run before Mags and I visited the Edward Lear Landscapes exhibition at Grasmere.
So I headed for East along the Dales Way, which is rapidly becoming my 'default' run if you like. It's seriously undulating without being a soul-destroying grind at any point, and you get great views of the Howgills. Also, there is a whopping great pylon just beneath the high point of the run. And it took me 30.10s to reach it, so it was the perfect 'touch the pylon and turn for home' point.
It was a cracking run. I've been hitting the pool and the gym a bit recently, and I think my leg and core strength has increased. It felt very relaxed as a run, even though my average heart rate was about 80% of max, so I must have been working reasonably hard. So a good smileyrating I think...
Smiley rating 8.5/10


  1. Hi uc: I did it with some trepidation, I must admit!! I reckon it's OK as long as you don't touche the wiry bits that run between one and the other!

  2. Hi Hayfella, how's the perm? Hope there were no unwanted frissons from your pylon handling.. Also wondered what camera you have, I'm thinking of a dinky toy for the running pocket to snap during running adventures. Any recommendations? Rb

  3. Hi RB.
    Camera is a Nikon Coolpix S220. It weighs just 115g and is pretty tiny. It's also dead easy to use which helps when you're out. I love mine. Hope this helps.