Sunday, 29 November 2009

First snow sighting!

Yesterday was a dream winter day. Blue sky (unheard of for weeks here), windless, cold and with a good dusting of snow on the high tops. It looked beautiful. Did I get out in it? Of course not. Too much stuff to do.
But I did get out on Friday when I went for a late afternoon, splashy, plod. Once again this was around the lanes as it is just too sodden to contemplate going on the fields just yet.
I managed a nice, hilly 45 minutes with an average heart rate of 142 (which is 79% of max). It was cloudy, but not actually raining and looked as if it was going to clear up.  It was good to get out; afterwards I felt as if I deserrved a treat, so we went to a brilliant Thai restaurant in Ambleside.  (Our new kitchen is nearly installed, but we can't actually cook in it yet, so we're having to eat out all the time. We're getting to know all the good places locally!)
Smiley rating  6/10


  1. You're starting to sound right posh, with all this eating out business. Good job the all this hard training's keeping those cuddly bits in check ;) Happy new kitchen.

  2. ooh, i think we've had a take away from there. very nice.

  3. you do pick your days!
    green or red? (curry)

  4. RB: Eating out's great, but you do miss home cooking. Had a boiled egg for breakfast today, cooked using the new hob. Bliss:)

    Kate: Doi Intanon, on the corner, near Lakes Runner. That one?

    UC: Both. At different times. Both marvellous.