Thursday, 26 November 2009

The hills are alive...

...with the sound of groaning.
Just back from a soggy little trot on the hilliest route around the nearby lanes. I figured I would be gone about 50 minutes, so was quite surprised to be back in 35. My pace judgement is way off! Not long after the start of this route you can see a white house high on a hill across the valley. It seems impossibly far away, yet in only a little while you find yourself toiling past it. It's very satisfying. All in all, a very enjoyable, hilly, little outing.

Not as hilly as this though. This is Patagonia. I put it in because we're going trekking here pretty soon! I'm very excited about it. We're also going to Tierra del Fuego, and visit the Beagle channel, named after Darwin's famous ship. The Beagle was captained by Robert Fitzroy and was surveying the S. American coastline.
The weather is notoriously bad. It drove Fitzroy's predecessor mad. He committed suicide. So did Fitzroy, come to that. Hmm, I wonder if Marbella's available...
Smiley rating 9/10


  1. oooh, i'd love to go to patagonia.
    i'm disapointed you didn't stay out for the extra 15mins ;)

  2. You lucky fella, Patagonia would be one of my dream destinations, I too am lime green with envy. A friend from work spent a month there and brought back the most amazing images of the glacier and mountains, it'll be superb. Take lots of pics!

  3. will you be bringing patagonian panpipes back? you know the tune ;)

  4. Kate: That's my trouble. No committment!!

    RB: I will take loads. Keep your fingers crossed that the weather lets us see anything at all.

    UC: You aint seen me...