Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Sting in the tail...

Just when the antibiotics are clearing up the chest infection, a vigorous cough resulted in a pulled muscle in my ribs. So now every cough and sneeze is accompanied by a stabbing pain and I can't lie on one side!
On the other hand, I did get out yesterday for an hour to clear snow and ice from our communal path. It was nice to feel I was doing something for the neighbours, after having watched their toil over the past two weeks. I was completely wrecked for the afternoon, so just had to lie on the sofa and watch the final series of the Wire. That's what you call a silver lining....


  1. Hayfella

    I imagine every cough is a pain but sounds like you are on the mend. Just found your blog and see you are a very lucky man living in the wonderful Lake District. Make mine a pint of sneck lifter !

    Regards Paul

  2. shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit ;)

  3. buryblue: Hi, and welcome. Hope the chickens are well! I used to keep a few before moving here. Sneck Lifter's good, but CollieWobbles is the one for me!

    kate: Couldn't put it better myself. Hope the leg's on the mend. Loved your snow bivvy tale. Wish I had the confidence to do it myself. Maybe one day.

  4. hf - you will never forgive me will you..hope you mend soon..must say i enjoyed my lay off in a perverse way