Monday, 11 January 2010

Out at last!

Yesterday was a triumph. Mags, her brother Mike, and I went for a walk in the winter wonderland . We started in Ambleside, headed off up the Struggle and veered off towards Red Screes. It was beautiful, if very windy, with great swirls of spindrift hissing over the snow. The sunlight was strong, even though it was hazy with cloud.
After 2 hours of plodding uphill in the slippy snow I'd had enough and we turned back, leaving Mike to get to the summit and work his way back to the car park.
It felt great to get out, even though I was shattered after just 3 hours or so. We're off to Patagonia soon, where we will be trekking for c.6 hours a day. Normally, we try and get nice and fit before we go. This time I think we're going to get fit by doing it, which isn't ideal, but there it is. Having done yesterday's walk, I feel much more positive about it all. So I'm going to give it a high Smileyrating...
Smileyrating 8/10 for doing it. 2/10 for the nasty iciness


  1. glad to hear your alive and well and back out there!

  2. Oo, so glad you're alive, breathing goo free and up on your feet again. It sounded a bit serious there for a while. The brave soldier is v deserving of a Patagonia trip (though admittedly am still an unsightly shade of envy green). Hope you remember all your virtual pals and post a few pics of your adventures to keep us happy... RB.

  3. yay! great to hear you're getting back out there. i like to think neither of us has missed much these past few weeks ;)

  4. Hi UC: Yes it's great to be back

    RB: Sorry to disappoint, but won't have the technology to post piccies whilst we're there. You'll have to wait 'til I get back!! I am taking a sketch book though, which is like harking back to a former era.

    Kate: All we've missed is slithering about in sub-zero temperatures. Much better to get all our horrors out of the way while the weather's like that! Hope you're on the mend.