Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Sheer delight

The world is on the cusp. Poised between winter and spring. You get the feeling it could go either way; slip back into winter's sleety grey, like yesterday, or continue inexorably forward into spring's warmer embrace.

I did my River Loop again this lunchtime, in glorious sunshine. It was lovely. Interestingly, where the ground was in shade it was still frosty and hard. Where the sun had hit it was soft and muddy. Some of the stiles round here are lateral stones laid through the wall. On the shady side they were still frosty and icy. On the sunny side they were dry and grippy. A schizophrenic world.

Part of my route goes through a copse by the side of the river. Later in Spring, this will be carpeted with bluebells - they're already pushing up through the leafmould.

It's a lovely place to run, even though my lungs are still full of grilch and I'm coughing my way round like a phlegmy sealion. 

So, what with my appalling physical condition (I've never been so unfit at the beginning of the season) and taking pictures, it was a leisurely pootle round. But what the heck, it was beautiful and there's not enough beauty in the world, so I'm going to enjoy it when it's there!
Smileyrating 9/10


  1. It's great to have you back, everyday is sunny reading your blog. This is the kind of running I like, I can almost hear the crunchy grass.

  2. i take it i cant interest you in an ultra right now then? ;)
    i'd take a happy run over and above any other type anyday

  3. a lovely post but can we please just have a few more weeks of winter. i've got a trip planned and don't want a thaw ;)