Monday, 8 February 2010

Back from the end of the world...

Startling times in the Smileyrunner camp, and I almost swoon at the thought of writing it, but... yesterday I went for a run.

Now I know that's what you expect in what is ostensibly a running blog, but this was special. It was the first run I've had since the swine flu/chest infection/rib muscle tear triumvirate comprehensively knackered up my 'training' before Christmas. For the record, it was my favourite little 2.7 mile River Loop, in a leisurely 29 minutes, and it felt absolutely great to be back out on the frozen fields.

I appreciate that this is nothing compared to what you lot are up to, with your heroic mileages, silly hills, reps, gyms and skittering about the Lakeland tops on pointy things (you all know who you are, and well done everyone), but it's a start... and I have spent the last three weeks trekking in Patagonia.

The full details will appear in another blog (I'm sure I could blog ad nauseam about how fantastic it was) but I've got to download the photos first. So I must ask you to wait.

D'you know, I think I'll go out for another run tomorrow. It can get a bit addictive can't it.


  1. steady on there..think you should pop a rest day in first

  2. Greetings Hayfella, and good to see you back blogging ABOUT RUNNING. Wish I could do the same! But I'm working on it. Will hopefully see you around later this year.

  3. Yay! Welcome back Hayfella. I've missed your sunny running posts and can't wait to see the pics of you trip - it feels like you've been gone absolutely ages. Great to hear you're back to it. RB.

  4. brilliant news, welcome back! can't wait for your holiday snaps, proper hills :)