Monday, 14 June 2010

There's light at the end of the tunnel...

...and it's glinting off the surgeon's scalpel.
I'm due to go under the knife on the 30th June. With an estimated 4-6 weeks recovery before any thought of gentle running. So, fingers crossed, I'll be donning the old fell shoes towards the mid/end of August. Maybe I should treat myself to some new shoes...


  1. Ah, nice to hear some positive good news for you at last. Hope all goes well and you're soon back running again.
    As regards neck supports for whiplash you asked about on my Blog, I got cheap (about £2.50 each) horseshoe shaped ones from a shop called Yorkshire Trading in Skipton. They helped me sleep - but only if I slept on my back (when I'm told I snore!) and took a couple of 500mg Paracetamols before going to bed. I lived on various strong pain killers/anti-inflammatories for six months but eventually settled for Paracetamols which seemed to work best and probably least harmful. The pain has now subsided to bearable proportions but still activated by tiredness or stress.

  2. all the best are having the summer off too. look forward to hearing running news post op. all the best.

  3. great news hf! look forward to a trot out with you when you've recouperated!

  4. Good to hear you're already planning running shoe purchases; only 5 more sleeps to go..?

    Hope all goes well for you Hayfella, really looking forward to your smiley adventures once more. RB