Monday, 7 June 2010

Lardy update

Well here we are. Five weeks after my 'pre-operative assessment'* I still haven't heard when my operation is to be. Despite phoning the person concerned once a week.
And no running in all that time. True, I am walking quite a bit, and have started swimming, but it's not the same. Trust me, nothing makes you appreciate running more than not being able to do it. I've mentally wiped out this year. I hope to begin training again as soon as I can, post-op, and then work towards getting back again next year.

*This was it, pretty much in full, after the necessary groinal probing:
You look a pretty fit young bloke. Do you smoke?
Allergic to anything?
Not that I've come across yet.
Right. You'll be getting a letter from my secretary.


  1. lardy only by your standards hf i bet!
    get in quick before the cuts hit
    glad you're still doing stuff though..cross training..its all good!

  2. A man of few words, that Consultant of yours! Hope that letter comes soon so you can get the problem sorted and done with, and back on the road to recovery. It's not nice having nothing to Blog about!