Thursday, 29 July 2010

It's a start!

After being hunched over a computer all morning I took advantage of the fine weather to nip out for a quick 30 minute walk this lunchtime. What a gorgeous day. Lakeland in full colour. Enough tumultuous cluds to make it look exciting, incredibly vivid green grass - thanks to all the rain - and peculiarly pink-hued sheep.
I had a fantastic time and... (dramatic music under...)...I RAN A BIT!! All of 50 metres up and over a grassy hummock but it's a start. I felt a slight groin pull, so will have to be careful, but WOW!
It's hard to imagine just how good it was to feel the wind flowing on my face as I eased over the grass. It's dispiriting how knackered I felt after having done it! I'm back to square one and will have to find a nice programme to ease my way back in. But that'll be fun compared with not being able to do it at all.
One good thing - being so out of condition, I got a huge endorphin rush from running just one little hillock. The fitter you get the longer/harder you have to run to get it! 
Sorry for the breathless tone. I'm a bit excited.
Smiley rating 10/10


  1. I can feel your excitement! It must be a wonderful feeling to get those legs flowing again, albeit over only a short distance. But don't overdo it in your enthusiasm. Be patient, keep runs short and enjoyable for starters, keeping inside your comfort zone, and you'll soon build up the miles again. Above all else - ENJOY!

  2. Lovely post, can feel the buzz! So glad you're well and starting back at it.. a hillock this week, a grown up hill next? Take care, RB.

  3. great news hf..keep it simple keep it real