Friday, 9 July 2010

One step at a time...

An update. I'm on the mend. I can sit, get up again (which was harder than it sounds a couple of days ago), walk around for a bit, and very nearly wash and dry my own feet. This sounds weird, but I couldn't bend for a few days; I could just about reach my knees! I can do my sandals up now, but socks are an impossibility!
I'm still not allowed to lift 'anything heavy' - but what is heavy? The coffee pot? The cast iron griddle pan? The hosepipe to water the fern collection before the ban comes in? Shopping bags? Can I take the bins out? I've done all of those except the shopping bags, which is the only example the surgeon came up with when I asked the question.  It's all suck it and see. But I can begin to picture myself out running again....
This is the dangerous time. Overdo it now and I could be back to square one. I must be patient.
One side-effect is that the enforced idleness has meant I've put on weight. So I'm now eating less. It makes life cheaper!


  1. Wey hey! Great to hear you're back home, moochin' about and nearly touching your toes... imagine all that running you'll be doing soon. Glad to hear all is well, even if you're a bit more cuddly than usual :) RB.

  2. hf..i reckon you'll be ready for the lakeland 50 in two weeks ;-)
    are you around next sat (17th) for a brew? i may be up there to do a recce

  3. brilliant news. however, you shouldn't be wearing socks with sandals anyway ;)

  4. RB: I'm not only thinking of the running, I'm thinking of the whole new running wardrobe too!

    uc: We're certainly around. You're welcome any time.

    kate: You're right. I should have made it clear that it was a socks&shoes OR sandals alone option!