Saturday, 19 February 2011

Captain Statto...

Just uploaded my 99th run to Garmin!
4.91 miles in 46.31. Average moving pace of 09:23 min/mile. Best pace of 06:05.
391 ft of ascent, 392ft of descent, which means my house sunk by a foot this morning.
Max HR 169; Average HR 141, so bang on my long slow steady pace, which is a pity as it wasn't really long enough for a long run. Still, I have family obligations this weekend so to get out in the sleet before breakfast was a bonus.
Saw 5 soggy sheep, one soggy old english sheepdog and 3 pigeons the whole way round. Felt fantastic at the end, particularly because the uphill bits felt a little easier.
Smileyrating 8/10


  1. must find out how to do it..i have statto envy!

  2. Now this is my kinda blog :] When did you get all technified? Great to read you're back to the training good and proper, with a sprinkling of intervals in there too... lovely.