Thursday, 10 February 2011

Of mists and cake

I had a feeling today's run would be special. As I was undertaking the essential pre-run faffage (donning shoes, waiting for the Garmin to find some satellites, wondering if I should have a final wee before setting out) a swan flew over, its wings making that mellifluous whistling sound that they do. I could only just pick out it's white body against the morning mist. Moments later, a second one flew over, but it must have been higher as I never spotted it.
 I set off up the lane in the mist...
I was planning to run up to Potter Fell along to Staveley and back along the River Kent. The 'up to Potter Fell' part meant about 35 minutes of constant uphill work. It was mostly at a perfectly runnable gradient, if by 'runnable' you mean a sort of shuffling trot with wheezing to disturb the morning air. A lot of it was along a stony track, running with water; so refreshing for the feet.

As I climbed, I climbed above the mist... Looking back, the cloud filled the valleys

Near the top lies this beautiful little lake with the strange name of Gurnal Dubbs. There's a well built stone fisherman's hut at the far end, just out of shot to the left. It's a wonderful spot. Wild yet tranquil.

 My route lay right round the lake and then on, back down into the mist. The path goes across here, somewhere...

Then it was down into Staveley, through the village, and then back along the River Kent. I liked the way the sun lit the trees...

The river was wild and high today because we've had such a lot of rain.

And then, after 10.06 miles with 979ft of elevation gain, after having been out for 1.56.44, at an average moving pace of 10.55 min/mile, with an average heart rate of 154, I was plodding back up the lane towards home.
It was still misty.

A great run. And wondrous ginger cake (made by the lovely Mrs HF from a Nigel Slater recipe ('Double Ginger Cake' in the Kitchen Diaries, cake fans)) to finish.
Smileyrating 9/10 for the run. 10/10 for the cake.


  1. gorgeous
    hey im up 19/20 mar..are you free to re-run this again and maybe a bit more on the morning of the 20th? be tops if we could!

  2. Great stuff HF, that sounds like a really smashing run at an enjoyable pace - and a brilliant set of pictures to prove it. The sound of swans and geese can be quite uplifting.