Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Good to be back

Just come back from a week in sunny Spain, where I've exercised nothing more than the creative side of my brain and wielded nothing heavier than a Prolene size 6 artist's paintbrush.
So, about half a kilogramme heavier than when I left, on Monday I set out on a gentle loop around Hayfella acres - and a gorgeous loop it was. It was only about 2.7 miles, but I put together sections of two different routes into one satisfying new route. Pleasantly undulating without being too heroic. Mostly off-road an sheep-cropped grass. Rather too many stiles and gates, but that's unavoidable. Every field full of cutesy lambs and watchful ewes (or 'yows' as they're called up here - you may have heard them called that on Lambing Live).  All in all a beautiful little run. 
Only marred by the fact that I think I may have re-tweaked the a*se muscle I pulled a while ago...
Smileyrating  9.5/10 (0.5 knocked off for the bum tweakage)


  1. It's good to find a new route that works for you. It keeps the interest going. I guess you'll be getting the shorts out now that you've browned your legs in Spain! Cheers, John

  2. Welcome back HF!
    Hope the fine Spanish sunlight helped produced some fine works...any chance of a peek blogside?

    Hope ar*e tweakage is only minor and your back in full swing soon :)

  3. R795: Yep, the shorts are out. It's not pretty!

    RB: Maybe - if I can work out how to get my new printer to scan! As for tweakage - lots of stretching and hoping :))

  4. ooh, like rb i'd love to see some of your spanish period :)