Monday, 25 April 2011

An arty aside...

I've been asked whether any of my artistic efforts from our recent holiday in Spain could go on the blog. With trepidation, I offer these...

Firstly, an olive tree, rendered with a bog-standard Pentel signwriting pen, on watercolour paper. When you wet the Pentel ink, it flows like watercolour.

As part of the course, we were asked to draw 'A Seat'. This is my effort. It's drawn in turquoise oil pastel, pretty much in one line, with a watercolor wash over:

In a more avant-garde moment, I tried to depict a towering palm tree, growing close to our room, using just a palette knife and acrylic paint. This took about 45 seconds to do and turned out far better than I'd hoped!

Finally, and thank you for your patience, an abstract triptych. This is a representation of a hill-top town called Salares. I took a photo from near the river, looking up into the town and was struck by how the glaring white walls and red roofs showed up against the uniform pale blue sky. The white is the paper, the sky is (I think) cerulean blue gouache and the roofs are cadmium red gouache.

This is the simplest of the images, yet it took the longest to create. The sketchbook page shows the labour pains...
Results notwithstanding, it was a great holiday. If you fancy it, it was Frances Winder's course based at the beautiful, idiosyncratic, hotel called Finca el Cerrillo - and it's already fully booked for next year!


  1. a great and growing talent hf. particularly like your take in the last one..very lateral.

  2. i particularly like the abstract/building-scape one. can totally appreciate the difficulties in producing something that appears to be very simple. what medium to you prefer? and do you every take your pencils to the hills?
    thanks for sharing :)

  3. Hi HF. So lovely to see the fine fruits of your artistic trip and thank you for sharing.

    You so clearly have artistic talents and a great eye for composition - I have always been drawn (hee hee) to the visual arts but as a young person I could never seem to 'free myself' in the way my tutors suggested in my painting. I am rather taken by all three but think your palm tree is rather clever.

    Perhaps we can we see some more of these visual treats in the coming months?

    Happy running and painting in the sun :)RB.

  4. uc: Growing talent my a**se! But very kind of you to say so

    kate: I don't really have a preferred medium yet. I like classic pen and watercolour wash sketching, enjoy grand gestures with charcoal or hard pastel and don't mind flinging acrylic about! I quite commonly take a small sketchbook and pen to the hills.

    rb: Your photos show you have a good eye - and observation is key, so you're on your way! As for freeing up, my tutor is Frances Winder. She runs courses all the time (she is Lakes based) and she is wonderful at getting you to do things you'd never imagine you could do! She runs a course called 'Art for the Terrified' which tells you everything! Mrs HF did it and had a whale of a time.