Sunday, 8 May 2011

Don't you just love ...


This time of year, seemingly whatever the weather, they erupt from the moorland trilling loudly overhead.  And so it was this morning that my laboured run up to Potter Fell was accompanied by their distinctive liquid song.

It was a classic Sunday run today. I'd watched Match of the Day, had a bowl of muesli, and headed out . It was warm and windy, but thankfully the torrential thundery downpours we'd had last night had passed through. Everywhere was wet and sparkling. The River Sprint - so dry just last week - was again rushing and roiling over the rocks. Lambs were skittish. Last night was probably the first thunderstorm they'd ever seen, so I guess it's understandable.

I was anything but skittish. It was a struggle for about 25 minutes before I got into the swing of things and relaxed into the running. In fairness, the first 35 minutes or so were pretty much all uphill, so that might explain it.
By the time I got to the top of the hill, and the land flattened out into heather-clad moorland, I was puffing and wheezing like leaky bagpipe and was grateful for the skylark's beautiful  song.

For the stat minded, I did 6.64 miles - so not huge - was out for 1hr 9minutes, averaging 10.12 minute miles, and climbed 779 feet (c.240m).  My average heart rate was 153, which is midway between my aerobic and interval target HR (147 and 160 bpm respectively). Certainly it was way above my LSS target HR of 134bpm.  I'm putting it down to the hills.

Smileyrating 9/10. It was hard, but great!


  1. Hi HF, I totally agree and much prefer the sound of a skylark to bagpipes! Also, 10 minute mileing is great and allows me to take in what's happening around me in the run, much like your run today. Have a good week, John

  2. the swifts have returned here for the arival of their babies..lovely time

  3. You bring out the best in running, Hayfella. Thanks for the imagery that helps to keep me running.