Wednesday, 4 May 2011

A much-needed jaunt

There are times when you just have to go for a run. I'd had a frustrating day at work, grappling with a problem that I was struggling to solve, I had drunk too much coffee and I was anxious and fretful. "Go on, get out", urged Mrs HF, "And we'll go out and eat afterwards". So I donned shorts, top and Roclites and headed out into the evening sunshine. The air was surprisingly cool as I made my way up the lane and across the fields on a route I call the 'Buzzard Loop' because it passes close to where there are a pair of said birds nesting in an old tree.
As I bimbled round, the exercise worked its magic. I calmed down, thought nice thoughts, said hallo to the lambs and even did a couple of intervals between stiles. Even thought he grass was lush and green, the ground was bone-jarringly hard beneath it and I ran past areas that, only a few weeks ago, I was having to skirt because they were under water. It's amazing how dry it's been this Spring.
And we did go out afterwards. It was delicious.
Smileyrating 8/10


  1. It's amazing how much better we feel after a nice run, it really does 'work magic' as you say - and especially in Spring.

  2. did they say 'hallo' back?
    (makes mental note..mut review copywriting pool ;) )

  3. Hi HF, runs always help don't they. It's the only thing I've found that clears the head after a tricky day and isn't bad for you :)

    And some rain has arrived at last, hopefully a fresher weekend of running to come.