Thursday, 7 July 2011

A bientot!

I'm really into this 'no-watch' running caper. I nipped out at the end of the day yesterday for a cracking little run. I've no idea how far it was and I've only a rough idea how long it took (30 minutes). All I do know is that I missed the showers, felt strong on the flat bits and really struggled up the hills. Plus ca change. Which reminds me, my next run could well be in the Alps. We're off to watch my brothers-in-law try and cycle a stage of the Tour de France (this year's Stage 19, Modane-Alp d'Huez).
Alpine trails await! I don't think I'll take my watch.

Smileyrating 9/10


  1. oooh, i'm very jealous but i'd certainly be taking my bike. photos please :)

  2. have a great one hf..the swiss are the watch craftsmen too..oo the irony!