Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Blogger problems

I've been trying to leave comments on people's blogs (Old Running Fox, Running Bear et al.) but Blogger seems determined not to let me. I get to the 'Word Verification' bit, complete it, click 'Post comment' only to go back to the 'Sign In' page. Again and again and again.... It's very frustrating.
Can anyone help?


  1. I had problems a little while ago when Google totally changed my Blogger dashboard. I still haven't quite got my head round the new layout.
    The only suggestion I can make is, make sure you're signed into your Blog before you try to post comments on other people's blogs.

  2. or go onto google chrome as your new page..problem solved!

  3. Hi, sorry HF not sure I can advise but hope you resolve things quickly - have you googled blogger help? I can usually find a solution that way though it takes some time filtering out the rubbish.

    Hope your calf is behaving and you're soon back to enjoying summer running. And more puppy pictures please!

  4. Thank you everyone, let's hope it works this time.

  5. Hey! it did. Am doing this from my Mac, not PC maybe that's the answer