Saturday, 5 November 2011

A christening in the sunshine

New shoes. Always an exciting moment for a runner. Here are mine, fresh from Pete Bland's in Kendal this morning, before I set out on a wonderful, life-affirming run...

Being such a glorious day, I headed out to the gorgeous runner's playground that is the Kentmere valley.  The village was busy, with lots of parked cars, but I squeezed into a space and (pausing only to photograph my new Roclites - as you do) headed for the Nan Bield bridleway which begins by winding its way between stone walls...

...before arriving at a point where the valley is laid out in front of you. Imagine these two are a panorama and you get an idea of how gorgeous the day was:

It was great to be out and I was ran fairly easily, enjoying the sensation of having mud, rock, grass and stream bed underfoot. The Lakes have had a lot of rain recently which means that the streams were in full spate, so I had wet feet for most of the way. It was refreshing, shall we say.
I ground on, being made painfully aware of how little hard running I've done recently; as soon as there was an uphill section, I really struggled, plodding and gasping for breath. After 45 minutes, I'd made my high point, paused for a cereal bar and drink of water and made my way back down.  Once the energy from the bar kicked in, I felt a lot better and really enjoyed the run. And it's no wonder. The sun was shining, the breeze was delightfully cool, the sheep were content, the Lakes looked superb and the route was gently undulating but tending downhill. I couldn't have had a better day to christen my new shoes:

As I approached the car at the end of the run, I caught my reflection in the rear windscreen. A vision of sweaty contentment I think you'll agree...

Smileyrating: 10/10 for the occasion, 4/10 for my running


  1. Looks stunning. You rate the Roclites, then?


  2. Hi 4Winds,
    I do indeed. These are my second pair. They seem to have the right balance of cushioning and grip for the running I do. Sufficient cushioning for the inevitable road bits from where you can park to where the path begins, but not so much that you lose stability or 'feel' for the fell. Do you use them?

  3. sounds like a perfect outing hf. kentmere in its very sunday best

  4. Got a pair of Swoops at the moment which I've had for a year and are getting tired. Roclites look the way to go.

  5. Hi there HF, glad you like the Roclites. I'm currently on my fourth pair - with a pair of Mudclaws thrown in for the squelchy stuff.
    Seems like you chose a smashing day for your Kentmere run. I'm quite envious. Must try and get round that way again soon.