Thursday, 15 December 2011

'Tis the season to be lardy...

Yikes! Has it really been that long since I've been out for a run? Oh dear.
Since my last run, I've had a brilliant weekend's training with the Lake District Mountain Rescue Search Dogs Association. And their Christmas dinner. And five days toil at the compost heaps of Holehird gardens for the Lakeland Horticultural Society. And their Christmas lunch. There's a theme developing here. I'm off out again dog training tonight and tomorrow I have, no prizes for guessing, another Christmas lunch.

But today I threw off my festive indolence, stirred my stumps and headed out into the gloom and gentle sleet. I did a road route as I didn't fancy wading through knee-deep mire which is what the land round here is currently like. Even the sheep can be seen picking their way through it with a combination of distaste and delicately placed feet.  The lanes were running with water and covered in debris, with muddy trenches at the edges where the tractor wheels have chewed up the verges. The only life I saw were the stoic sheep and a flock of black, raucous, birds. I think they were rooks, but I suppose they could have been crows; I'm a bit hazy on the corvids. One Land Rover went sloshing past me. It was cold and misty and permanently drizzling. I and the weighty collateral damage from my multiple Christmas feasts toiled and laboured up the hills. But, you know what? I had a whale of a time. It just goes to show what magic things those endorphins are. I had no watch or Garmin, so I've no idea how long I was out, but it was great.

And that's what it's all about really isn't it? Getting out and getting round and having a good time while you do so.

From deep within the gorgeous Lake District, I wish you all a Happy Christmas and a successful New Year.

Smileyrating 9/10


  1. The Corvids? cracking band. Iffy second album, though......

    A cool festive season to you and yors too.


  2. And a Very Happy Christmas to you too sir - and a cracking New Year.

  3. 4Winds: Thank you. Ah the Corvids. Great band until the drugs took hold. Still, changing their name to Stone the Crows was a masterstroke.

    RF: Thank you for the inspiring blog this year. Here's hoping your 2012 is injury-free...

  4. and a very smiley christmas and a relaxing, yet adventure filled new year to you both.
    ...on todays run i smiled so much i thought of you, this was as damn near a 9.9/10 as you could get.

  5. official retirement=more lunches
    happy xmas mr and mrs hf x