Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Another gorgeous day. Another tough run.

I say, you don't think this is summer do you? Two weeks, no rain. Sunshine. It was like this last year and we all know what happened...

Anyway, perfect running weather today, only spoiled by the fact that I had to do a tough interval session: 6 x 500m after a 2 mile warm-up. What the guy who was fixing a stone wall on the lane thought as I went past him three times one way, three times the other, huffing and puffing and trying to nod politely as I went past, I'll never know. It was tough. My legs felt heavy and my core felt tired. Mind you, I did spend all day yesterday mixing shredded shrubs and finest horse manure and flinging it into a compost bin so maybe it's not surprising.

Still, I did it. Average pace on the intervals was 7:04 / 6:46 / 6:32 / 6:46 / 6:42 / 6:29. A bit all over the place. I obviously haven't mastered even paced running!

The gorgeousness of the day deserved a more enjoyable outing. It was lovely to hear the cry of a lapwing though as I headed out. They nest round about and this one sounded like a harbinger of Spring. Soon be lamb time...

Smileyrating 6/10 for the running, 10/10 for the weather

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