Monday, 1 April 2013

Consistency counts...

That's my new mantra. Just keep on training and eventually you'll get faster. So Saturday saw me doing 16km (10 miles) which was meant to be at an 'easy' pace. Considering I decided to do most of it on the fells - and that the route involved 298m (984 feet) of climbing - this turned into 'grovelling' pace. I ended up doing 16.8km  at an average pace of 7:03 mins/km (11:38 mins/mile). I was quite pleased at this. I always reckon that about 12 minute miling on the fells is about what I do, so to dip under it was good. It was a beautiful bright cold day. The grass was lovely; firm but yielding and very close-cropped by the sheep. It was like running on faded snooker table baize.
Smileyrating 8/10 - it was great to be running on the hills again

Today, I was hoping to go to the track to do some 1000m reps. But the track was shut! This seems odd as you'd have thought there might be more people wanting to use it on a holiday day. So I substituted my tempo run which was 5km at 5 min/km. I did this on the back lane to Staveley and, to be honest, my heart wasn't really in it. Still consistency counts.... Just get out and do it.... So I did and did 5:04 / 4:58 / 4:55 / 4:55 / and 5:00. In the end, a satisfying raining session with the added advantage that lambs are starting to appear in the fields....

Smileyrating 8/10


  1. You're far more disciplined than I am HF - and I wouldn't have the energy nowadays for those Km repeats. Well done you!

  2. What was all that about consistency?