Thursday, 28 March 2013

Runner versus lorry. Runner wins!

Life got in the way of running this week, what with bodying for the Search Dogs and shredding piles and piles of pruned shrubs to make compost. However, I did manage to do a cross-training session in the gym and to get out for a relatively decent tempo run (3km easy, 5 x 1km at 5mins/k, 2km easy). I actually managed to run the tempo bits at a steady(ish) pace, 4:58 / 5:00 / 4:48 / 4:54 / 4:48, on an undulating course around the lanes.
We've had very little snow here, near Kendal, but many flurries of snow, with big flakes dancing about like clouds of white midges in the breeze. It was uncanny how many of these flakes managed to find their way behind my specs and onto my eyeballs as I was running along. This run was also memorable for me causing a massive lorry (of the sort that carries steel bars up and down the motorways) to reverse up the lane to allow me to squeeze past at a gate entrance. Quite what a lorry of that size was doing on a tiny country lane I'll never know. Blame the sat-nav.
Next up: a 16km easy run. I think I'll try and do this on the fells somewhere. I'm getting fed up with the pounding of tarmac.
Smileyrating 7/10

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