Thursday, 12 March 2009

It should be available on the NHS...

...should running. But not just any old running. Because going for a run is available to pretty much anyone anyway and is a prophylactic measure, not a remedial one when something's broken down. But there is a special form of running that should be available to help heal a damaged spirit. And that is running through, or by, fields of spring lambs. Be honest, who does not feel better by watching the little wriggly pipe-cleaners bouncing about, full of the joys of Spring?
This was my lot yesterday during my 40 minute tempo run. 10 minutes relatively easy (to the post box to post a letter as a matter of fact) followed by 20 minutes at a faster pace, then 10 minutes easing off (mind you, this was uphill, so it was slower but not easier). The trouble was, a chunk of the 20 minutes was past the aforementioned lambs so, shall we say, my attention to pacing wandered somewhat. Still, it was a brilliant run. Knackering, endorphin-rich and with lambs to boot. Not even the relentless drizzle could put a damper on it.
Smile rating 9/10

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