Wednesday, 4 March 2009

On pulling ones socks up

There I was, whimpering feebly about having to do a few 400m reps because there were snow flurries flitting past the window when I read ultracollie's blog. 800m reps on a soggy, plashy track in the freezing wind. Right. Time to elevate those loop-stitch lower limb encirclements and GET OUT THERE. And whaddya know? It was fine. The snow eased off, the sun came out, you could believe Spring was in the wings, and my 7 x 400s were done in short order. I couldn't do them on my normal fields because the sheep have been brought down and they, as they do when this pregnant, stood, lay or mooched around moodily and watched, dull-eyed and disinterested as I did loops of my favourite field, moving my rep counter stones from one bit of wall to another.
Thanks ultracollie. You shamed me into it!
Smile rating 2/10 while doing it, 7/10 when it stopped.

1 comment:

  1. wonder what the sheep made of it all and how they rated your efforts!