Saturday, 14 March 2009

Of daffs and nutters

Good, blustery, bog-standard, run today. One of those you do without thinking. Just 4.8 miles on a new, brilliantly undulating, route that followed Potter Fell road as it curved round towards Staveley and back. The snowdrops are looking a bit battered now, but they've been magnificent this year. They're gradually being replaced by the daffodils. The first few of the yellow wave to come were out, swaying in the wind in the grassy verge. There were a couple of woodpeckers drilling overhead. This is such a distinctive sound, but I've yet to actually see one doing it.
I'm reading Roger Deakin's wonderful book 'Notes from Walnut Tree Farm' at the moment, so my head's full of Nature type stuff. It's the sort of book that colours the way you view the natural world.
And so I drifted along, happy with my thoughts, as the magic of running exerted its effect; making me feel benevolent to the world and happy to spread bonhomie all around. So when I waved cheerily to the guy in the silver Range Rover as he came out of a junction, I was just being friendly. He looked startled. I reckon the word 'Nutter' was not far from his thoughts.
Smile rating 7/10

1 comment:

  1. you're in the zone man!
    so man in said range rover thinks 'nutter'..i know what i would think of range rover man and this blog is too pure to elaborate further!