Saturday, 1 August 2009


Last seen dribbling away two weeks ago on 4 mile road run accompanied by throbbing left Achilles. Rediscovered on humble 2.7 mile River Loop, witnessed by sheep.

Isn't it horrifying how quickly any semblance of form disappears with any lay-off? I've done 3 gym sessions since being laid up, so my core strength should have improved, but my lungs and heart and legs and stamina and speed and climbing ability have all disappeared over the hill I can't run up and into the great blue yonder I can hardly imagine ever being able to reach.
And in the meantime ucollie is off doing double training at his Portugese training camp, crafty ol' Runningfox is doing altitude training and hill reps the like of which you'd dream of and runningbear's out busily winning everything in sight like some electrified gazelle (only more gracefully I'm sure). And, in a final flourish to this rant on the iniquity of injury, I've got to spend my final week before Lowther working in London, so my only running will be pounding the hard pavements of Finchley in order to stand a chance of getting round next Sunday. Perhaps I shouldn't worry about 'racing' at Lowther. Maybe I should take a picnic and think of it as a nice day out!!
Still. Today was great. Rubbish time. Rubbish heart and lungs. Rubbish leg strength. But no calf twinges, a half hour spent under the beautiful open Lakeland skies and the comforting feel of a returning Mojo.
Smiley rating: 3/10 for the performance, 10/10 for its significance


  1. Hey there Hayfella, superb news you're back! Though I think one always feels a bit pants after a break I would urge you to try not to worry too much. You're running again and it will all feel good again soon.

    Personally, I've started to reframe my racing as high quality training and I might even say, [gulp] that I now find it quite enjoyable! Strange I know.
    You'll soon be concentrating on those beautiful ferns again instead of your jelly legs.
    Safe trip, RB.

  2. glad youre on the mend hf
    what are you moaning about..there's always primrose hill for reps!!!
    hopefully see you sunday..if i make it