Sunday, 16 August 2009

On rambling

I'm finding it really hard to work my way back into serious training at the moment and I think the fundamental problem is that I'm a bloke. Not a blokey, beery, boorish bloke, just the possessor of a Y chromosome. And this affects my brain in a peculiar way.
I'm one of nature's filers. I like compartments. Everything in its rightful box. So, when I'm in the 'training' box, I train. But when I'm in a different box, it's hard. At the moment I'm in a 'working' box, which involves travel and hotels and meetings and stuff. I'm not in a 'training' box. So it's hard. Wrong box, you see. Y chromosomes don't make things easy.

Nonetheless, I was in the training box today and went out for 7 miles over the local fells. It was, at the same time, fantastic and horrible. Fantastic because I was roaming around a familiar place, threading bits of different routes together; horrible because I was deadly slow and felt really heavy and ploddy.
My route took me up and over Potter Fell which involves a grim climb but rewards the effort with a great canter along the tops. I came down off the side of the fell towards the buzzard tree (see an earlier blog) where I saw again these magnificent birds as they soared above and around me.
It was one of those runs where it took 4 miles before I realised that it wasn't as awful as it was a bit earlier and I began to enjoy it.
I was reminded of something I read in Haruki Murakami's book 'Things I talk about when I talk about running' which is: "Pain is inevitable. Suffering is optional" which sounds great when you realise that he was talking about running along the gentle roads of Hawaii in the summer sunshine; come and try it matey when you're flogging your way up Potter Fell under grey skies and wind with bearing the first hint of autumn!

To conclude this rambly blog, it's my 24th wedding anniversary today and my lovely Mags bought me Christopher McDougal's book "Born to Run" about a tribe of Mexican Indians who are ultrarunning supermen. I'm going to take it to London with me next week. Then, when I'm in my 'work' box, it'll transport me to my 'training' box and help me get out and do the miles I need to do. It'll be like an X chromosome with pages.
Smile rating 6/10


  1. Hiya blokey bloke, sounds like you need a bit of a pick-me-up or inspiration? Though fab book pressie might do it. Just reading UC's project plans - have you thought of joining him? Maybe a big race to build for will focus that pesky Y chromosome?

    Happy 24th anniversary. A wonderful day for you both - hope you get to celebrate in style, RB.

  2. happy belated anniversary hf. i take it you were in the 'celebratory' box for a day.
    i think maybe the world has turned..we used to mix work and running easily didnt we..but now it doesn't feel the same at about rivington trail in 5 weeks? i may even be up to running it properly!!!!!!!!!!!!!