Friday, 12 March 2010

Damn! Blast! B**ger!

Not a happy post. 
Remember my swine flu / chest infection from Christmas? It turns out that the coughing that it caused resulted in not only a torn rib muscle but, whisper it, a hernia.  I've got to have an operation. I can't go running. I can't organise my garden (I've got lots of earth moving to do) and I can't shift rocks around to build terraces at the fern collection I help care for in Windermere. 

This bunny's not happy.

Mind you, I did pop out for a little River Loop before I went to the doctors. It was beautiful. Cool air, warm sun, a few hardy lambs. The memory of it will succour me until I can get out again, though Lord knows when that will be. I'm relying on you all to get out, train hard and achieve your goals. I'm with you in spirit. Good luck.


  1. oh sorry to hear long will you be out for?

  2. Hi uc: Don't know. I'm not arranging anything until I get back from Spain at end of April! I'll have to talk to SJ about it - he had his done a year or so ago.

  3. rubbish :( take it easy hayfella, you'll be back just in time to enjoy those long summer days out in the fells. i'll put some extra boring road miles in for you in the mean time ;)

  4. Hello,

    Sorry to hear about your hernia. When you are feeling better, here's something to consider...

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    It's a bit of fun, and works really well, and for it to last I want to keep bringing new voices to the feature.

    I search local blogs because it is a great place to find people who enjoy being in the spotlight, and have talent for writing.

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  5. Hi there Hayfella,
    My commiserations. I know what it feels like not to be able to run. Hope you get it sorted quickly and back in action again. Meanwhile, enjoy Spain.

  6. Hi Hayfella, so sorry to hear of your frustrating news, just as Spring is around the corner too! I'll think of you as I'm trotting along the burbling River Wharfe with cute skippy lambs in tow... I'll take some extra pics to provide vicarious sunshine running pleasure. Take care and good luck. Will await news of a swift recovery and a return to sunny running posts. RB.

  7. Oh dear, I hope that you're back on your feet soon - and keep smiling!