Tuesday, 2 March 2010


Did my new quick loop yesterday. In just over a week, I've run it in snow and ice, soggy slush and, yesterday, springy grass in warm sunshine. As an added bonus there were, hoorayy!!, fresh lambs. Some were so little that they stood, a little wobbly, and looked at me - they might not have seen too many bipedal creatures yet.  Needless to say, my transit through the lamb field was a little slower than through the others....
What a lovely run.  I managed to catch up with Mrs Hayfella on the final hill home; she was out doing her own training session, so we glided home together.
Smiley rating  8.5/10


  1. Spring is here! If a bit snowy again today but the sun has been glorious. We have the cutest little lamby fellas near home, all speckly and patchy little fluffy bundles. Happy Spring Hayfella.

  2. And Happy Spring to you too RB! Or as I shall call you from now on - SK (SponsoredKnickers).

  3. i'm predicting yet another weather jinx ;)

  4. kate aka dng (doom and gloom) ;)
    you talk about the lambs with the enthusiasm of someone such as hannibal lectur! but yes, always the sign though they're popping out earlier each year i think