Friday, 26 March 2010

A bonkers chaffinch

Sitting at the breakfast table today, we kept hearing this thumping sound against the window. Went to have a look. Couldn't see anything.  Sat back down again. Thump!
Looking out more circumspectly we saw this male chaffinch staring into the house from the back of one of the patio chairs. After a few minutes bobbing about he'd launch himself at the window and...Thump!  All a-flutter he'd fly back to the chair only to repeat the process a little later. With the same result. We reckon he could see his own reflection in the window and, it being the time of year when territory becomes important, he was trying to see off this persistent intruder.
Despite being mad (doesn't one definition of madness run along the lines of repeating the same action in the expectation of a different outcome?) he is very prettily marked.
I'm wondering if we should stick a photo of a cat on the window so he doesn't brain himself!

Not a running post I know. But I have been out walking a lot.


  1. Just thought of your post as I did my dawn trot around the village on very creaky legs. I heard the strangest thing as I roused myself from slumber, it sounded just like a car alarm but it was coming from up a tree. The noise was the dead spit of an annoying wooing car alarm.

    Never heard it before and have just googled to find it was probably a Starling. It was quite surreal... hope the walking about is going well :] RB

  2. There used to be a cock pheasant at a campsite in Cornwall that would vigorously attack it's own reflection in car doors. The campsite owner used to advise us "Don't polish your car!"
    Hope you're on the mend and on the move.