Wednesday, 7 April 2010

I'm just a media tart

A while ago I was asked to write a daily diary for BBC Radio Cumbria for their feature 'Little Cumbria' on the Ian Timms show at about 1745.
I did this, and recorded it today in the BBC studio in Kendal. I say studio, it's a room with a pair of microphones and headphones and a friendly engineer called Suzy (or Susie, I forgot to ask). Anyhow, I went in and did my stuff and was delighted to do it in one take, with no fluffs or serious glitches. It took me back 30 years to my days on Radio Hammersmith, Hammersmith Hospital's radio station - except we didn't have ISDN lines back then.
If you're interested to hear what it was all about, then try BBC Radio Cumbria, Ian Timms' show at about 1745, on the iPlayer. It starts on Monday and continues all week.
Next blog will be a thrilling pre-surgery update. You lucky readers. In the meantime, keep running and enjoy it. I'm thinking of you. It really is pretty desperate when you can't do it.

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  1. autograph books at the ready hf!
    not one stride of running ? :-(