Saturday, 2 October 2010

On the mend again...maybe

Well, it's been a funny ol' time. For a couple of weeks I've not wanted to blog because I've been pretty despondent about my state of health and fitness and wanted to spare you a self-pitying whinge.
In a nutshell, my doctor thinks I've had an unusual post-operative complication whereby a nerve or nerves are, in some way, being stimulated into firing, leading to random bolts of searing pain along the surgery incision. The result has been weird and unpleasant. I'd be walking along when, out of the blue, wham! I'd wince and lurch all over the place before carrying on until the next attack.
Unfortunately, this coincided with a holiday to St Ives. This is very hilly, with lots of steps, which seemed to set it off quite a bit! (Here's a picture I did, inspired by the view from our apartment window, based very loosely on on the styles of two of the St Ives artists, Bryan Pearce and Ben Nicholson)

Mercifully, though things have improved a lot this week and I did the shopping today with only a few twinges. I think it'll be a while before I dare risk running though.

Whilst in St. Ives we saw some exquisite Maggie Hambling paintings in a gallery. They were small oil or acrylic image of waves and were full of movement and life. So I thought I'd have a go...
Hmmm. Keep practising I think! If you've got this far, I might as well inflict one last painting on you...
Just to show I need a lot more practice with watercolour too!


  1. Hi there Hayfella,
    I've been wondering what's happened to you, I hadn't realised you were 'artist in residence' down at St Ives. Love your pictures, especially the boats. And never mind Pearce and Nicholson, you could be a successor to Mondrian. Maybe we ought to be buying some of your paintings before you become famous!
    The 'bolts of searing pain' must be terrible and I do hope you recover soon. I'd love to meet up with you again in another race but I'm running out of time, for goodness sake!
    Get well soon - and that's an order!

  2. wow hf..they're amazing..didn't realize you were so talented..though the view from your window is a bit strange..that or you'd had too much red wine ;-)

  3. i really like the wave painting. more non running blogging please :)

  4. ps- meant to say, feel free to moan too. take it easy, the fells will wait for you.

  5. Hi Runningfox. Hang in there! I'm going to get back. Probably be next year by the time I'm ready to have a number on my chest though:)

    UC: Do you know, I think red wine may, just may, have passsed my lips... If you think my window's strange, you should see what the Tate St Ives contains...!

    Kate: If you liked the wave, you'll love Maggie H's work. You're right - the fells'll wait. But I'm hoping to be cycling/trekking in Vietnam at Christmas, so I've got a bit of a deadline.

  6. great stuff. Good luck with your recovery