Tuesday, 26 October 2010

On twingettes

Five and a half hours walking with Mrs HF around Caw and Stickle Pike (near Coniston) on Sunday. 
An hour's weights at the gym on Monday.
And nary a twinge the whole time. Yippee!
Things are looking up.
I'm still getting the odd twingette but that's it. These happen at the weirdest of times - like when hitching my rucksack up on my back in order to tighten the waist strap. Or when putting a lightbulb in an overhead fitting. Or squatting down to tie a shoe lace. It's profoundly irritating.
Anyway, I think it's time I began to consider turning myself from victim to runner. I've been hunched over my computer today, so now would be a good time. But it's raining. Maybe tomorrow. Better not rush these things. Tomorrow's forecast is looking better anyway, so I'm thinking of, say, a 10 min walking warm up followed by a couple of minutres running to see how it goes and then gradually extend the time. Fingers crossed.


  1. and laces crossed
    hf..we're up 6/7nov..do you fancy a walk/run of kentmere horseshoe..13miles..very very easy pace?

  2. ....and we're up there Nov6/7 for the Derwentwater 10 mile race which is a bit flatter than Kentmere!
    Anyway HF, hope you're soon back running/walking the hills again, churning out the miles. It's a right b-gger when you can't.

  3. Hooray for you HF. I share the twingettes syndrome but onwards and longwards, hope the running time grows swifty and easily. I'll keep all my laces knotted for you. :]