Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Round and round...

...the sheep field
like a lumbering bear
one rep, two reps,
Less than half-way there.

Three reps, four reps
Only one to go
5! thank god I'm done
'Cos I am knackered so.

Round and round the sheep field
in the chilly sun
intervals are such hard work
A masochist's idea of fun

Smileyrating 9/10 for doing it at all


  1. wow, didn't think i'd been off line for that long. all of a sudden you're doing intervals?! brilliant :)

  2. scary stuff when you start doing're totally back..yipee!

  3. kate: Intervals? More my inner voice shouting 'push! push! push!' with no discernible effect on speed! But great, yeah.

    uc: My heart, lungs, legs and a**se feel like I'm back - and wish I wasn't!