Sunday, 27 January 2013

A not so easy 'easy'

"7 miles, easy" said the schedule. 63 minutes later, 7 miles had passed beneath my feet. Job done. And it felt like one of those 'duty' runs; where you get out and do it because you have to, but it's not really ticking the 'fun' box.
Yesterday we had three inches of snow. Today it had pretty much all gone apart from some stranded lumps of icy snow adrift in the puddles like mini icebergs. The lanes are all flooded. The fields are flooded again. Those on higher ground are all striped brown where the muck-spreaders have been. The field entrances are scarred by deep tractor ruts where the loaded spreaders have been manoeuvred through the gates. I saw no birds other than chickens, but I heard some twittering as I passed woodland. It was really windy, but at least the sun had some warmth in it.
So, after a week where the weather has precluded running, I finished the week with a reasonable trot out. Mustn't grumble.
Smileyrating 5/10

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